Reading maketh a full man;

Conference a ready man;

And writing an exact man.

The school has a pretty big library with a good collection of reference books and other standard books on all relevant subject and many multilingual magazines, periodicals and newspapers. It has a spacious reading room. The library is computerized.

Library Rules

  • Reference books, periodicals and Journals should not be taken out of the reading room. Students can borrow only one book at a time and may retain it only for a period of one week. Books borrowed are non-transferable.
  • A fine of Rs.10/- for a week and thereafter an additional fine of Rs.1 per day will be charged for those who do not return the borrowed on time.
  • Borrowers should report to the Librarian any damage, loss of pages, pictures etc, before they take the books. If any book is lost, damaged or badly handled a fine of thrice its price will be charged unless a new copy of the book is supplied.
  • The school library will be opened from 8.50 am to 4.00 pm on all working days. Strict silence should be maintained inside the library.

Computer Lab