Faculty at Jyothis Central School

The teachers are carefully recruited with due weightage given to their academic qualification, professional training, experience and their attitudes towards children and teaching. After recruitment, the teacher’s performance is systematically appraised and conformation is given strictly on the basis of performance. The teaching staff consists of specials in different subjects fields. The selection of the teachers is conducted, taking into account various aspects like communication skill accent, expression, proficiency in curricular activities and above all, the overall personality. There are 27 teachers and 9 members of the non teaching staff.

Teaching staff

Mrs. Lilly Rajan
Faculty of English
Mrs. Princy Jacob
Faculty of English
Mrs. Filcy Jose
Faculty of English
Mrs. Ans paul
Faculty of English
Mrs. Minnu venugopalan
Faculty of Hindi
Mrs. Vinny
Faculty of Chemistry
Mrs. Aneesha Benny
Faculty of Maths
Mrs. Aswathy A
Faculty of Malayalam
Mrs. Bincy K Varghese
Faculty of Hindi
Mrs. Reshma M R
Faculty of Physics
Mrs. Vineetha
Faculty of Biology
Mrs. Soumya Noby
Faculty of Maths
Mrs. Leena Davis
Faculty of Geography
Mrs. Sunitha Bimalkumar
Faculty of History
Mrs. Dhanya Paulson
Faculty of Social Studies
Mrs. Meena Johny
Faculty of Computer
Mrs. Mini Sajan
Faculty of Library
Ms. Athira
Faculty of Communicative English
Mrs. Celine K M
Faculty of KG
Mrs. Jessy K Joseph
Faculty of KG
Mrs. Neena Antony
Faculty of Pre KG
Mrs. Ancy Paulose


Rev. Sr. Sali Maria CMC


Non Teaching Staff

There are many roles within a school for non-teaching staff and at the education network. We recognize the need to develop a strong team in all areas from management teams to support staff.

We are indebted to the members of the non-teaching faculty. Their contributions in various aspect made an unflinching support for the school.

A number of non – teaching personnel were employed in our school to meet student’s need. They shared commitment to meet student’s diverse needs to the fullest extent possible, given the purpose of the education system.

Mrs. Shiny Sabu
Mrs. Elsy Sabu
Mrs. Jiji Thomas
Mrs. Sheeba
Mrs. Beena Poulson
Mrs. Beena Devassykutty
Mrs. Lissy Babu
Mr. Baby PD
Mr. Shajan Mathew
Mr. Shijo Jacob